St. Emma Monastery
Last Supper and Padre Pio Statues

Project Description

When statues of Jesus at the Last Supper and Padre Pio were donated to St. Emma Monastery, we were engaged by the Sisters to construct outdoor plazas for each statue. After some initial brainstorming and discussions with the Sisters, our employees designed and sketched out each of the plazas. 

The Last Supper has thirteen seats at the table that are all formed and poured with tinted concrete. The table and seats sit on an exposed aggregate slab with a boarder of brick pavers.

The Padre Pio plaza has a tinted concrete gathering area with three sections of exposed aggregate precast as a backdrop. The sidewalk leading to the gathering area is also poured in tinted concrete. 

Designed by Raimondo Construction

Raimondo designed decorative concrete

In-house design and pouring of concrete to create two religious shrines

  • Job type: Concrete
  • Location: Greensburg, PA