Raimondo Construction has been a franchised builder for Kirby Building Systems, a division of Nucor Steel, since 1979. Over these 40 years, we have erected hundreds of thousands of square feet of pre-engineered buildings and have come to fully appreciate their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This type of building offers a partner an alternative to conventional construction. 

By combining our design-build capabilities with our building and concrete expertise, we are able to put together projects to meet partners’ specific needs. Our past pre-engineered work includes erecting airplane hangars at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, overheard crane buildings at various manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, and office buildings.

Many of our latest projects have involved re-sheeting existing metal building structures. In these cases, such buildings may be structurally sound but have experienced deteriorated sheeting or are suffering from poor insulation from when these structures were built in previous decades. To solve these major issues, we are refacing these buildings with new insulated siding and roof panels to make them more energy efficient and to extend the life of the building.