Building and Interiors

Our Building and Interiors work represents the centerpiece of the company where all facets within our organization interact. Through this work, we maintain our elite repeat partner list which includes the Diocese of Greensburg, St. Emma Monastery, Wabtec Corporation, Citizens Bank, Redstone Highlands, and Pool City to name a few.

Projects are staffed with highly trained Raimondo employed carpenters and laborers. The on-site presence of these craftsmen and skilled workers throughout a project ensure both superior job site management and end results. They also keep the projects on schedule and on budget.

We are not simply construction brokers or construction managers who subcontract an entire project to the lowest bidders. We have a trusted base of specialty subcontractors who have consistently worked with us for many years (decades for some) and demonstrate the quality workmanship that is expected for our projects. Use of these subcontractors ensures that a quality job will be done at a competitive price.

We approach all projects looking for cost-effective solutions for the unique challenge at hand. We try to develop a relationship with the partner so that we can work together as a team. Many of these companies and organizations welcome the opportunity to work with our Project Managers and Superintendents who they have worked with over the years on previous projects.